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The application and use of double blade hedge trimmer

View: 20429/07/2019  

Double blade hedge trimmer, mainly including gasoline engine, transmission mechanism, handle, switch and blade mechanism, etc., the gasoline engine power drives the blade mechanism through the transmission mechanism, the main handle is located at the rear of the machine, and the front handle is mounted on the machine casing. The front part and the front handle are rotatable at an angle, wherein the main handle is connected to the main body of the machine through the telescopic rod, and is connected by a rotating mechanism between the main handle and the telescopic rod or between the telescopic rod and the main body of the machine.

double blade hedge trimmer

The double blade hedge trimmer also includes a pair of side handles. The two side handles are also connected by telescopic rods and mounted on the machine by a telescopic mechanism. They are connected by a rotating mechanism at the connection with the machine, and the operator can customize according to needs and habits. The grip mode, the rotation angle and the telescopic length of the handle are selected, the operation is simple and convenient, the work efficiency is high, and the package size is small.

The double blade hedge trimmer has good durability and can be used as a professional commercial trim. Compared with the ordinary hedge trimmer, it is very light to start. The front and rear handles are easy to operate and can be used in a wide range of applications.

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