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The principles of 42cc 2 stroke engine operation

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The 42cc 2 stroke engine completes one work cycle engine in two strokes. 42cc 2 stroke engine crankshaft turn one turn and the engine works out once. There are three holes on the stroke engine, namely the intake, the vent and the ventilation hole, each of which is closed by the piston at a certain time. The working cycle consists of two strokes:

42cc 2 stroke engine (1).jpg

The first stroke: the piston moves up from the bottom stop, the mixture entering the cylinder is compressed when the three pores are closed at the same time, and the combustible mixture flows into the crankcase when the intake hole is exposed.

The second stroke: When the piston is compressed near the upper stop, the spark plug ignites the combustible mixture, and the gas expansion pushes the piston down to work. At this time, the intake hole is closed, the combustible mixture confined to the crankcase is compressed, the vent opens when the piston is near the bottom stop, the exhaust gas is flushed out, and then the ventilation hole is opened, the pre-pressured combustible mixture rushes into the cylinder to remove the exhaust gas and carry out the ventilation process.

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