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The application of knapsack brush cutter

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Knapsack brush cutter, which includes racks, variable speed drive mechanisms, cutting sections, and grass collection sections, which are driven by transmissions, drive shafts and crank linkages, and cut parts fixed to one side of the frame by connecting shafts and levers, including cutters and moving knife holders. The grass collection section consists of a retaining frame, a bullet-tooth edgy frame, a bullet-toothed and bullet-tooth edgy landing mechanism, which is mounted at the rear of the frame and is connected by a pin shaft between the retaining frame and the bullet frame. The invention has a compact overall structure, a small body, low cost, high efficiency, especially suitable for the vast pastoral grassland and terrain complex grassland mowing operations, suitable for the current herdsman breeding scale is small, grassland less, a family has a four-wheel tractor user supporting use.

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There are 3 types of front, side and rear suspension, and knapsack brush cutter is the most widely used in the future. The reciprocating brush cutter consists of the main components such as cutting machine, cutting drive, cutter lifter, safety device and weed blocker. The cutter works and is constructed in much the same way as the cutter of a grain harvesting machine. The blade used is optical and tooth-cutting. Light-edged blades are generally used. The cutting drive is similar to the grain harvester, with more partial crank linkage and swing mechanism.

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