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Spare Parts



      143RII Spare Parts

          Our company provides all kinds of high quality                   parts. Imported raw materials and precise                         processing technology make it better match the                 mower and help the brush cutter work efficiently.


         Brush Cutter 143RII Spare Parts.pdf




           Cylinder Kit

          The cylinders provided by our company is made              of high quality raw materials, wear-resistant and                long service life. At present, 17 models of cylinder             kits of Husqvarna,Stihl, Zenoah,Maruyama and so           on are available.


         Brush Cutter Spare Parts-Cylinder Kit.pdf



         Our company's carburetor has stable performance,          easy to use and long service life. Carburetor                      models are diverse, suitable for different brands of            lawn mowers, such as Husqvarna, Zenoah, etc.  


         Brush Cutter Spare Parts-Carburetor.pdf


    Carburetor Spare Parts

          In our company, carburetor gasket is made of                  asbestos free paper gasket with superior sealing                performance. At present, we can provide more                 than 40 different models of carburetor gasket with             good quality and excellent price. It is mainly                        suitable for Husqvarna, Stihl, etc. 


         Brush Cutter Spare Parts-Carburetor 

       Spare Parts.pdf


        Trimmer Head

         Our company mainly has nylon and aluminum                  trimmer heads. The products are made of high                  strength material, free of disassembly, automatic              rope pulling, durable. Suitable for Zenoah, Stihl                and other famous brands of lbrush cutters. 


         Brush Cutter Spare Parts-Trimmer 




      Gear Case&Housing Complete

          Our company adopts advanced production                         technology and tooling assembly method to ensure           better matching between Gear Case and Housing              Complete.Brush Cutters operate more smoothly.  


         Brush Cutter Spare Parts-Gear Case& 

       Housing Assy.pdf