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Company Introduction

Changzhou fasihaote garden machinery co.,ltd. is a factory specializing in the production of small outdoor machinery,such as 2-stroke gasoline engine ,brush cutter and so on.

  Founded time: 2012-7

  Number of staff: 35(2018-7)

  Factory Area: 2500 m2

  Annual sales: USÐ2,000,000(actual sales in 2018)

  Annual production capacity: 80,000 sets brush cutter/year

  Certification: ISO90001 quality system certification; CE certification



Main business:Provides overseas customers with  OEM services and production for brush cutter, 2 stroke engines and drive shaft ass'y.


  Major Markets:South America/Southeast Asia/Europe/…


      Main product:    

  ①2-stroke gasoline engine    


  ②Drive Shaft Assy:    

    Φ24、Φ26、Φ28 のSHAFT COMP.    

  ③Brush Cutter    

    Shoulder Type:BC2610/BC34/43     

    Knapsack type:BK34/43     

Pole Saw,Pole Hedge Trimmer,Hedge trimmer,Power Sprayer…    



Company Introduction:

1 Provided with 5S standardized management

2 Main Process:




1)production area was divided clearly,carry out 5s management        

2)The production area is 1000m2        

3)Number of production staff: 20 (2018)        

4)Engine production capacity: 4500 sets/month;50,000 sets/year        

5)Drive Shaft Assy production capacity: 6000 sets/month        

4  Standardized production and quality inspection        

1) Standardized production         

 1.Each production process is carried out in accordance with the corresponding production operation instructions. 

    2.Each process is carried out with the first and last inspections, and will do radam inspection during the process of production        

    3.We will do inspection according to the standard inspection instruction        

 4.About inspection record, we will save it over 2 years, so that we can track the quality of each machine.        

 5. Each machine have individual series number,we inspect every machine and keep inspect record.  

 6. We inspect every batch of parts that come into our company to ensure the quality of parts        

 7. We use torsion to inspect spanner, inspect the twisting force of each screw to promise the details of product        

Production Area Picture:        


Production Process Picture:


1. Inspect Parts:



2. Engine Production:


Deliver Goods To Customer: